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Osaka Sushi Experience Center,where you can have the best experience of Japanese Food Culture・・・

General Reception TEL:0742-36-1007

Osaka Sushi Experience Center, Lily building F1,1-5-2,Nagahashi,Nishinari-ward,Osaka-city,Osaka-fu 557-0025,Japan





ddWe bring you the best memories during your travel in Japan,making it possible to experience Japanese delicious and beautiful sushi.

ddyou can experience traditional Japanese Oringinal Sushi and best Japanese service at the same time,

ffJapan is a very popular country for travelling. Speaking of Japan's food culture, sushi is the first thing comes to everyone's mind. In order to let the world's visitors experience the authentic Japanese sushi culture, We have prepared several sushi experience courses for everyone. Osaka Sushi Experience Center is the first sushi experience center in Osaka which is dedicated to serving tourists. You can not only experience the joy of making sushi, but also select our kimono optional service and take photos to commemorate. After the sushi experience the biggest surprise is that we will finally give you a Sushi Graduation Certificate.
It will be a great honor for us to give you 。

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Osaka Sushi Experience Center

1-5-2,Nagahashi,Nishinari-ward,Osaka-city,Osaka-fu 557-0025,Japan
Lily building F1

Nara Venue:8-1, Higashiterabayashi-Cho,Nara-city,Nara Prefecture 630-8362,Japan

General Reception
TEL 0742-36-1007
FAX 0742-36-1002