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Osaka Sushi Experience Center,where you can have the best experience of Japanese Food Culture・・・

General Reception TEL:0742-36-1007

Lily building F1,1-5-2,Nagahashi,Nishinari-ward,Osaka-city,Osaka-fu 557-0025,Japan

Experience FlowSTEP

The entire sushi-experience is about 45 minutes.

Introduction & Warm-up
(About 5 minutes)
Sushi Lesson
Detailed explanation of how to make a sushi.(About 5 minutes)
Experience sushi-making with your own hands.(About 10 minutes)
Eat your hand-made sushi.(About 15 minutes)
Get your certificate.(About 10 minutes)

Osaka Sushi Experience Center

1-5-2,Nagahashi,Nishinari-ward,Osaka-city,Osaka-fu 557-0025,Japan
Lily building 1F

Nara Venue:8-1,Higashiterabayashi-Cho,Nara-city,Nara Prefecture 630-8362,Japan
   Nara Ryokan

Open Hour(Reservation Required):

(General Reception)
 TEL 0742-36-1007
 FAX 0742-36-1002